Finding efficient and simple routines for your daily research and therapy sessions is the focus of the TMS-Days. Magnetic stimulation user training is provided for TMS users and TMS interested people by highly experienced clinical users. The emphasis during this course is on the practical application and the efficient use of your rTMS equipment. The training incorporates the newest clinical information available in research and is hence always state-of-the-art.


Course Highlights:

  • physical basics of TMS
  • medical fields of application
  • contraindications and side effects
  • safety aspects
  • patient selection, patient information
  • development prospects of rTMS for therapy
  • protocols
  • optimized therapy session
  • required equipment specifications


  • look and feel of TMS/rTMS/TBS, Trains/Ramps
  • motor threshold determination
  • defining stimulation Hot-spot
  • TMS therapy session
  • navigated TMS

TMS-Days Courses:

2 Day Training

13th-14th of April 2018


892,50 Euro

German TMS-Days

Intensive Course on TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) with extended hands-on training

Key aspects:

  • certified clinical training and workshop for FDA approved and off-label TMS applications
  • multi-day TMS course conducted by highly experienced clinical TMS experts
  • with focus on therapy applications e.g. Depression, Pain, Tinnitus
  • from biophysical basics to hands-on
  • including hotspot localization, motor threshold determination, finding the appropriate therapy point
  • introduction into navigated TMS (nTMS)
  • theoretical and practical test including a certificate


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Germany, Munich

Prof. Dr. Frank Padberg
Dr. Wolfgang Strube
Dr. Kerstin Haeringer

for the TMS-Academy Course

13th-14th of April 2018, Munich